Artist Alert: Kid Chad @TheRealKidChad [Written by @WahlaSmalls]

Our buddy Maverick Mcfly from Starrset hit me  up not too long ago to tell me about his new artist Kid Chad. Over here at the movement we don’t just post any and everybody on the site, but Kid Chad as that certain something that says potential star. 

Kid Chad is a vibrant musician hailing from WV, who has skills as a rapper and pianist. We are alerting the public of Kid Chad because he has great potential in the creative industry not only in music but as a great representation of the young talent emerging up to date. He has his own style and presence. 

According to Mcfly “Kid Chad has a new project coming out this October and more dope remixes on the way” .  Don’t say we didn’t tell you. 

We know how we feel about Kid Chad, but what do you think of him?? Hashtag #YesArtistAlert and let us know! 

KID CHAD MUSIC —-» SoundCloud 


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Monday Motivation: Weight Loss Journey [Written by @WahlaSmalls]

A lot of people hate Monday. Monday is the start of the work and school week, but me personally Monday is just another day closer to accomplishing my goals. Don’t think of it as a drag think of it as a JUMP START to your week. If you need some Monday motivation then Koffee B’s “Weigh Loss Journey” will give you that boost that you need.

Koffee B is not only one of the three members of ¥£$ Movement Media, but she’s also the most motivated and brave person that I’ve met. She decided to put her weight loss journey on YouTube, not only to document her transformation, but to give some inspiration to someone else who may think that they can’t achieve the impossible, well Koffee is making it POSSIBLE and you can too. It may sound cheesy but it’s the God’s honest truth, IF YOU CAN THINK YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT! 

Achieve and thrive the world is waiting on you. Follow Koffee B and become apart of the journey. 

Peace & Blessings - Wahla 

What Do You Think? - Beware Remix

Check out Young Flo, young rapper from Chicago, whose bringing a different Flo (no pun intended) to Big Sean’s “Beware”. 

Tell us or better yet tell him YOUNG FLO what you think….

Erykah Badu - InStyle’s 20th Anniversary [Written by @KoffeeB]

Well yaaazzzz! Somebody betta call Tyrone and tell him to come get his girl!  Lol. Erykah Badu Is looking fabulous in her all white spread of the 20th Anniversary edition of InStyle magazine. Sporting styles by Christian Louboutin, Helmut Lang, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and many more. Check out wind of the pics.

Poached Deliciousness

Soooo poached pears I’ve heard so much about but wasn’t to sold on it…especially after tasting. This pear was poached in red dry wine, and being that I’m not a red wine drinker it did have inquiring taste. But the look of it was appealing I must say!! Would I give it a 10 no!! But maybe a 4!

Young Entrepreneur Cory Nieves [Written by @KoffeeB]

9-year-old Cory Nieves is the cutest thing! Not only has this little boy started his own business, but he’s also looking fashion forward while doing it! The CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies started his business to help his mother purchase a car after their move from New York to New Jersey. His thought process is elevated from most 9 year olds. To be a CEO, you have to look like a CEO. Imagine where he’ll be in 10 years? The movement was built to bring creators together no matter what age or creed. Follow young Cory and purchase some cookies. 


IG: Mr. Cory 

YP Mixtape Release Party hosted by Urban Fetes [Written by @WahlaSmalls]

Last night Urban Fetes hosted rap artist, YP’s Mixtape Release Party at Riff Lounge (2239 S Michigan Chicago, IL), the event was also sponsored by Bacadi.  If you’re not familiar with YP get familiar soon before the whole world gets to him.  In 2012 YP was named one of “10 New Chicago Rappers To Watch Out for” in Complex.

He recently released his mixtape BackWood Jones on Aug. 27th on Livemixtapes.com with so much love from his home city, Chicago.

The love was really shown last night by the amount of people that came out to support his mixtape release as well as just supporting YP as an artist. Dj Jamal Smallz and Dj Commando were on the one’s and two’s while YP performed a few songs and had the crowd rocking with him hard. The energy from the Dj’s is very important because they set the tone of the event and both Dj’s were rocking with YP heavy, which made for a better performance. YP didn’t perform the whole night, but for the few minutes that he did he owned the stage and put the cherry on top of his party.

[Click the picture to see more pics] 

YP Mixtape Release Party

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson